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Built upon team activities, discussion and challenges, Contineo teaches the fundamentals of D&I and connects them to improved individual, team and organizational performance.

  • “Contineo not only helped us realize how D&I fits into the big picture of our company’s performance, we also learned about each other.”

Why Contineo Works

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    It requires participants to work together within diverse teams.

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    It delivers education and discovery through a fun experience.

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    Our trainer certification program lets organizations conduct the game themselves.

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    It can be tailored by organization size, industry, country and language.

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The Contineo Experience

After dividing into teams, participants will work together through six D&I-focused scenarios.

Each team is scored on its performance, helping to create a fun and competitive environment in the room. Participants walk away with specific personal action plans for how they will contribute to creating a more diverse and inclusive culture in your organization.

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About the Creators

inQUEST, a collective of D&I thought leaders, and Celemi, a global leader in business simulations, have teamed up to make the Contineo experience one that works for companies in all sectors and of all sizes.