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Contineo makes it easy for people to work beyond their differences and connect with each other.

From participant materials to our trainer certification—which allows you to conduct the game on your own as many times as you like—Contineo comes with everything you need to deliver diversity and inclusion training and increase levels of engagement within your organization.

Each kit includes materials for up to 60 participants. The game can be played in one session or customized to fit your team’s needs.

  • “It showed the commitment of the agency. It went a long way. It gave everyone a baseline familiarity with these concepts.”

  • “It opens the door. It broke the stigma of mandatory training.”

  • “The game surpassed all expectations. It worked for every combination of participants. The buzz lasts. It delivered more than D&I training. The benefits go way beyond that.”

  • “Everyone loved it. They want more. They want to integrate the learnings into their teams.”

  • “The reception in the room was very good. And it has created ongoing conversations. It has lingered.”

  • “The design of the game is a huge plus.”

Why Contineo Works

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    Contineo does more than check a box—it engages people to create real, positive change.

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    From startups to multinationals, Contineo can be tailored to fit any size, industry, location, and language.

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    Contineo is cost-effective—with our trainer certification, you can conduct the game on your own as many times as you like.

The Contineo Experience

After dividing into teams, participants will work together through six D&I-focused scenarios.

Each team is scored on its performance, helping to create a fun and competitive environment in the room. Participants walk away with specific personal action plans for how they will contribute to creating a more diverse and inclusive culture in your organization.

  • Your team will...

    Understand how diversity impacts their work from day-to-day communication to long-term planning

  • Your team will...

    Gain skills to communicate better cross-boundaries whether those boundaries are cultural or departmental

  • Your team will...

    Be more productive together by leveraging unique skills to drive results

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About the Creators

inQUEST, a collective of D&I thought leaders, and Celemi, a global leader in business simulations, have teamed up to make the Contineo experience one that works for companies in all sectors and of all sizes.